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Thailand’s First Life Insurance

First and largest Thai-owned life insurer, with a widely recognized and trusted brand

Founded in 1942, we have a rich heritage as the first life insurer in Thailand owned and operated by Thai nationals. We have enthusiastically and successfully strengthened the Thai Life brand into one of the most acclaimed life insurer brands in Thailand.
World-Class Partners

Best-in-class management team with strategic collaboration from Meiji Yasuda

Our management team is well diversified, comprising one-third non-Thai nationals and bringing expertise from various backgrounds. We have a visionary management team with extensive experience and knowledge for Thailand’s life insurance market. The management team is further supported by international perspectives and business connections from our strategic shareholder, Meiji Yasuda. Meiji Yasuda is one of the major life insurance companies in Japan. Meiji Yasuda has provided extensive support for us to achieve long-term growth in various ways including support to TLI in expanding our market into Japanese organizations in Thailand (Japanese Worksite Marketing). Meiji Yasuda also plays a role in our journey to digitalization by allowing us to leverage their experience in digital transformation.
Leading Agency Network

Leading agency network with unrivalled nationwide coverage

With an agency force of more than 42,100 agents as of March 31, 2024, we are the only Thai-owned life insurance company to have successfully built an agency force to an established scale in Thailand. With a strong and vast agency network across the nation, we are able to gain nationwide coverage in every province in the country. We have the most extensive branch and customer service center network in Thailand, with 21 branches and customer service centers in Bangkok and vicinity areas and 242 in upcountry areas as of March 31, 2024.

Multi-Channels Distribution

Fast-growing partnership and alternative distribution channels

We have built an expansive partnership network with commercial banks, government banks andorganizations, leasing and hire purchase and consumer finance partners and alternative distribution channels, including telemarketing, group employee benefits and digital platforms.

Differentiated Product Innovation

Comprehensive insurance solutions with innovative and competitive offerings

We offer a comprehensive suite of highly customized products designed to address the evolving needs of our customers at every stage of life. We have a rigorous and disciplined product development process that is built upon our significant experience and know-how. In particular, our product features specifically cater to different income levels and other aspects of customer segmentation.

Robust Financial Position

Stellar track record of robust profitability and shareholder value creation

Thai Life Insurance has a diversified investment portfolio. We have a successful track record of sustained and profitable growth across business cycles. Despite the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have maintained our business operational efficiency because we have long-term roadmap with effective risk management under good corporate governance structure.

Latest Financial Highlights

Total Revenue
Total Premium
Profit for the year/period
VONB(1)Value of New Business
APE(2)Annual Premium Equivalent
  1. Value of New Business or VONB: Represents an actuarially determined estimate of the value to shareholders arising from new insurance business issued in the relevant reporting period, and is calculated as the present value, measured at point of sale, of future net-of-tax profits on a local statutory basis less the corresponding cost of capital
  2. Annual Premium Equivalent or APE: A commonly used industry measure of insurance product sales of insurance companies that is calculated as 100% of annualized first year premiums plus 10% of single premiums for all new policies written during the period.
Total premiums market share For the period ended in March 31, 2024(by The Thai Life Assurance Association)
THB 587,026 mn
Total Asset as of March 31, 2024
3.99 %
Average Investment Yield, 2013-2023
THB 160,580 mn
Embedded value as of December 31, 2023
4.23 mn
In-force policies as of March 31, 2024
Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as of March 31, 2024
Fitch Ratings in March 2024
14 Aug 2024
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Quarter 2/2024 Financial Results Announcement
15 Aug 2024
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Analyst Meeting Quarter 2/2024
21 Aug 2024
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Opportunity Day Quarter 2/2024

Corporate Governance

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At Thai Life, we are progressing our everyday work with an awareness of impact we do have on our people and our planet, a way to generate prosperity under good governance practice and a view of peace and partnership that we are all mutually dependent.
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