Policies and Goals on Sustainable Management

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited (TLI) is the life insurance company with a strong commitment on operating its business on sustainable growth principle. Also, TLI always places importance on Corporate Responsibility Policy to serve as a part in the driving to enhance the quality of life and well-being of people in the society, which in turn will lead to the society’s strength and further lead to the sustainable development.

TLI realizes the importance of social responsibility, environment, and stakeholders in the business value chain, including the importance of being an organization which is concerned of Environmental, Social, and Governance or ESG on the basis of profit optimization and sharing some profits back to the society to make TLI and Thai society to grow sustainably together. TLI has prepared the Sustainable Development Master Plan based on Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs of the United Nations which in accordance with the UN Global Compact Guidelines, comprising of 3 core strategies namely;

Under “Prosper Strategy”

TLI is responsible for uplifting the well-being standards for better living together with creating the society and environment, though enhancement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on both core business (CSR-in-process) and social activities (CSR-after-process) to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the dimensions of economy, society, and environment, including 8 aspects as follows;
No Poverty
  • To create and develop affordable products for low income customers.
  • To increase an opportunity to access necessary health services.
  • To educate and encourage on financial planning.
  • To arrange training courses to provide knowledge, skills, and understanding to increase income for local communities.
Zero Hunger
  • To cooperate with foundations or government agencies to arrange activities relieving of social suffering.
  • To offer sales of insurance protection products.
Good Health & Well-being
  • To promote occupational hygiene and safety.
  • To promote the awareness and accessibility of effective necessary healthcare services.
  • To arrange activities to donate medical equipment or provide medical assistance.
  • To promote public relations and donation for health-related foundations such as One for Lives Foundation, and to cooperate with One for Lives Foundation to promote the donation for surgery of children with congenital heart disease.
Quality Education
  • To develop the collaboration on educational projects and provide financial planning knowledge.
  • To develop savings and family financial planning products.
  • To enhance skills of TLI’s personnel and sale agents.
  • To arrange career training courses on various occupations and financial management training for the community.
  • To support educational activities/projects for youths.
Gender Equality
  • Not to discriminate against people based on their nature non-related to work namely different gender, nationality, skin color, family, religion, and birthplace.
  • To provide health insurance with the coverage for pregnancy.
Decent work and Economic Growth
  • To provide fair employment opportunities and give a chance thereof for local people.
  • To uplift and develop local people’s abilities and skills.
  • To employ disabled people.
Reduced Inequalities
  • Nationwide services channels to provide comprehensive service and various financial planning products to meet the requirement of various types of customer.
  • To provide financial planning education.
Climate Action
  • To effectively consume energy which will mitigate effects from the climate change under environmentally-friendly operations.
  • To cultivate awareness on environment conservation to employees.
Partnerships for The Goals
  • Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
  • Promoting and supporting effective cooperation among external partners, including the public, private and society sectors.
Moreover, TLI operates its business under the Master Plan on Corporate Social Responsibility in 3 aspects including Giving Strategies, Caring Strategies, and Fulfilling Strategies.
Giving Strategy

Togetherness – It is on the basis of relationship and non-abandon society through many campaigns and activities encouraging people to realize the importance of “Giving”.

Caring Strategy

Caring – It is on the basis of care and determination to strengthen the society, starting from caring of our employees by providing appropriate benefits and welfare, together with development of products and services to fulfill all requirements of the insured.

Fulfilling Strategy

Happiness – It is to encourage and motivate our employees to create their own value and for others, together with instilling the nature of “Giver” with volunteering heart to improve the well-being society.